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Become a Society Sponsor

           The Victorian Society of the Vaile Mansion would like to share several sponsorship opportunities now available for the Vaile Mansion Society.  The Vaile Mansion is an icon in Independence and with over 7,000 visitors annually, many from out of state, serves a significant role in bringing visitors to our historic City.  The Mansion completed in 1881 in the style of the Second Empire French Revival, is a true example of the Victorian Era. 

           The Society assumed responsibility for the Mansion in 1983 and since that time has restored the Vaile interior to be period correct.  The focus is now on the exterior of the building which requires significant repairs.  All monies earned through tours, fund raisers and events will be targeted to the exterior restoration. 

With this substantial need identified, the Society is now offering sponsorship opportunities.  As a supporter of our community and the Vaile Mansion, we are asking for your support.  See the listing of annual sponsorships here and event sponsorships here for choices for annual or specific event opportunities.   

           Please consider supporting the Vaile Mansion with your tax-deductible donation as we all work together to restore and maintain this major piece of history in our community for all to enjoy.  You may visit the Restoration Campaign page for more information on the most immediate needs.  

           We welcome any questions that you might have and look forward to partnering with you.  Please contact us at

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